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Every makeup service comes with a full sized lipstick and touch up kit.


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*Extension upgrade

$25 additional for extentions/longer hair (beyond shoulder length) includes additional styling time.

Makeup & Hair



Are we on location?
Yes, we are on location.

What time is your earliest appointment?

5:30AM (Hotel) depending on # of clients

Appointments at 7:30am are at the venue

When will I receive my appointment time?
Schedules are sent 3 days prior to the show, in the evening

How do I make payment?
Make payment for your services needed (if paying under a different name please enter your name in the notes)
Preferred method is Zelle
I am under

Deja Harrison 520-780-6235

*I will email you confirmation of payment received within 48 hours
You will be added to the schedule

Know your tanning time? Please email it asap

if you do not have it yet-let us know

Is hair and make up done before or after tanning?

Hair and makeup is scheduled before and after tans. If your makeup/hair is before your tan do not worry, it does not effect it.
Should anything happen we will gladly fix it :)


Do not tan your face

Will there be enough time for me to pump up before getting on stage?

Yes, we end hair and makeup services with enough time for athletes to pump up and make it on stage.

Have any questions or concerns?
Email me using the form below

Thank you! and we can’t wait to see you at the show!



Tel: 520-780-6235

Thanks for submitting!

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